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VTANZ is committed to voluntary self-regulation in the vaping industry and VTANZ members have agreed to abide by the standards listed on this page

  • E-liquid manufacturing code


    At time of writing there are no regulations by which e-liquid manufacturers must abide by in NZ. The purpose of this working document is to outline a general code/set of standards to abide by as a means of self regulation.

    Labelling and Packaging

    E-liquid should carry the appropriate warnings and labels including, but not limited to:

    List of ingredients

    e.g. Natural and Artificial Flavorings, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin


    • Keep locked up and out of reach of children
    • In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately
    • The potential for nut proteins will be labelled according to one of the following ** This product is known to contain nuts ** Product is processed in the same room as nuts, or ** May contain traces of nuts (Omit if it can be confirmed there is no potential for contamination as: E-liquid is manufactured in a positively pressured and pharmaceutical grade lab There is confirmation of no [vegetable-based] nuts proteins in any of the manufacturers ingredients/ on the premises ** May contain nuts (NB: The consequences of an anaphylactic reaction in case of nut allergy is severe - it is suggested that vendors label conservatively )
    • Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    • Please use responsibly


    • May be harmful if swallowed
    • "Made in New Zealand"
    • 18+ logo
    • Batch numbers of bottles


    • Child-resistant caps

    Manufacturing standards

    Use of approved and industry recognised ingredients including, but not limited to:

    1. Concentrates
    2. Vegetable Glycerine (BP/ USP grade)
    3. Propylene Glycol (BP/USP grade)

    Basic hygiene standards including but not limited to

    1. Sterilisation of equipment

    2. This could be done with any method deemed appropriate by the manufacturer that would be deemed as acceptable in the food or brewing industries

    3. Clean working environment

    4. Proper use of PPE where required

    5. Although not mandatory, it is advisable not to use concentrates containing butyric acid and diacetyl in the same e-liquid.

    6. Where possible, cinnamon e-liquids should be ceylon based to minimize levels of cinnamaldehyde

    7. No testing of e-liquids on the family pet

    8. Record keeping

    Retention of all records of all batches for a period of at least one year

    • SDS/MSDS/ Concentrate batch test results for all ingredients used kept on file either in an electronic or paper medium, online or otherwise
  • Hardware Code - Responsible Selling


    The media is awash with stories of “exploding” vaporisers. As we know - mobile phones have as much chance of venting as vaporisers do but there are reasonable steps that retailers can take in order to mitigate the potential dangers of electronic vaporizers and improve the overall safety / reputation of the vaping industry.


    Mod hardware, where electronic circuitry is employed will always be genuine. Vendors will endeavour to advise people to follow the manufacturer's guidelines with regards to charging.

    Mechanical Mods

    Mechanical mods can pose a significant safety threat in the hands of an ill informed and ill equipped user. Vendors will not supply these devices to new users without making them aware that these are advanced devices and users must have appropriate knowledge of both battery safety and Ohm’s Law


    As a general rule, vendors should not sell clones of electronic devices.
    Clones of other products such as RDAs and mechanical mods should be clearly identified. If sold online the word ‘clone’ must appear in the product title and description. If sold in a physical store the customer must be made aware that the product they are buying is a clone

  • Battery Code - Responsible Selling

    VTANZ Vendors will only stock authentics batteries appropriate for the device (ie high discharge batteries)

    Suggested batteries include, but are not limited to:

    • Samsung 25R

    • Sony VTC4

    • Sony VTC5

    • Sony VTC5A

    • LG HE4

    • LG HE2

    • LG HG2

    If given the opportunity, vendors should endeavour to explain the importance of battery safety to consumers, including but not limited to:

    1. Transportation of batteries in battery cases or battery condoms

    2. How to recognise and rectify a damaged battery wrap through rewrapping or disposal

    3. Appropriate storage of batteries

    Where vendors wrap batteries, the identity of the wrapped cell must be clearly printed on the wrap